12 Days of Christmas: A Bedtime Story Countdown

12 Days Of Christmas: A Bedtime Story Countdown

12 Days of Christmas: A Bedtime Story Countdown


There are only 13 days left until Christmas, just enough time for you to read a different story each night.  I invite you to join me for the 12 Days of Christmas: A Bedtime Story Countdown. Grab a cup of hot tea or chocolate, have the kids climb into bed and read a bedtime story sure to fill their dreams each night.

Note – I’ve read and included my review for many of the books. Where I have not read part of the books I’ve included quotes from other reviewers.

1 A Christmas Carol...SlimedChristmas Carol Slimed
by Elias Zapple
Published 12/19/14
Pages 60

What the readers say:
“An amusing retelling of Charles Dickens’ famous and endearing A Christmas Carol. In this work, mean old Elias Zapple spends an interesting night with a series of ghost slugs who try to teach the miserly man a few of life’s lessons. Will he heed their warnings and change his evil ways? This book will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. ” ~~Beach Reads, an Amazon Reviewer.


On the Run from SantaOn the Run from Santa
by Melinda Kinsman
Published 11/14/15
Pages 40

What the readers say:
“We chose this book because of its title but thoroughly enjoyed reading it to our grandson. We plan to use it as a tradition during the Christmas season. The games looked easy, but were challenging and fun! ” ~~chiqui, an Amazon reviewer.


Best Christmas EverBest Christmas Ever
by Orison and Celia Carlile
Published 10/31/15
Pages 32

What the readers say:
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful Christmas tale! My kids and I had so much fun reading this together. We laughed continually as the hilarious story unfolded. The poor long-suffering parents and the cheerful oblivious kids make such a wonderful contrast. I particularly like the way the words tell one story and the pictures another. Very cleverly done! We will be reading this many more times over the coming season 🙂” ~~HJT, an Amazon reviewer.


Lobos Howliday CL MurphyThe Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo’s Howliday
by C.L. Murphy
Published 11/1/14
Pages 30

My review:
With this imaginative fairytale, C.L. Murphy has recreated Santa’s Christmas Eve gift delivery. Lovable Lobo receives a letter from the North Pole. It seems that Santa needs Lobo’s help. In the new modern world of electronics, Santa has caused a power overload by charging his new Smart Sleigh.

Accompanied by Roxy the Raven, Lobo sets off for the North Pole. Following the Northern Lights’ colorful path, Lobo meets arctic wolves and polar bears. But, you’ll have to buy the book to find out how Lobo’s howl helps Santa deliver the gifts.

I highly recommend this book, as children will want to hear this story over and over during the holiday season and Christmas Eve while they wait for their gifts. The illustrations will appeal to children and compliment the story wonderfully.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”


The Best of Twisty Christmas TalesThe Best of Twisty Christmas Tales
Anthology by 10 Authors
Published 11/13/14
Pages 226

What the readers say:
“Twisty Christmas Tales is a wonderful addition to the Christmas stocking! As a grandmother I enjoyed each story, as did my granddaughter who has a reading age of fifteen. The seven year old asked me to read ‘I Don’t like Christmas’ during the lunch break and I had five seven year olds following every word, laughing and repeating hilarious bits along with me (their teacher had read it to the class earlier that day). Fun. ” ~~Kath Gorringe, an Amazon Reviewer


Gross Gus's Rotten ChristmasGross Gus’ Rotten Christmas
by Kally Mayer
Published 11/11/14
Pages 30

What the readers say:
“As a substitute teacher, I keep a lot of books on my Kindle. I read this to all my primary classes this year and they all loved it and wanted to hear it again. ” ~~cool game ool, an Amazon reviewer.


The Prayer by Stephan J MyersThe Prayer
by Stephan J Myers
Published 11/9/13
Pages 36

My Review:
The Christmas book, The Prayer, is written in rhyme with an eloquence that comes off as easy and unpretentious. Its message comes through gently, but clearly. While you are wrapping gifts, cooking feasts and enjoying warm winter fires, don’t forget those who are less fortunate. This book is sweet, touching and simply unforgettable. It reminds you to be thankful for what you have, and mindful of those who need a friend, need a meal and need a home. In my opinion, this book is for both children and adults. We all need to be reminded that there are people in the world who need a hand up. Thank you for this powerful and loving message, Mr. Myers.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”


The City Kittens and the Old House Cat by Mrs. D.The City Kittens and the Old House Cat
by Olga D’Agostino
Published 5/20/13
Pages 34

My Review:
When I saw the cover of this book I knew I’d love it. The cats portrayed on the cover looked like cats that I have owned. As I read this lovely children’s book, Mrs. D.’s love for children, animals and storytelling came through in a clear and gentle tone. Nyda, the old house cat, shares her home with Mrs. D. and is comfortably set in her ways until some new kittens visited one Christmas. These kittens arrived in fashionable kitten carrier bags, and seemed to be quite spoiled. Nyda resented these new intruders, who were playing with her toys and eating her food. As time passes, Nyda learns that the new cats weren’t always loved, and that they come from a very difficult past. She opens her heart and learns to love the cats, too.

Mrs. D. weaves wonderful lessons of acceptance, adoption and not judging other people without getting to know them into this sweet children’s picture book. I highly recommend it for young children.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”


Odd Sock Learns About Christmas2Odd Sock Learns About Christmas
by Melinda Kinsman
Published 11/20/14
Pages 38

My Review:
Odd Sock Learns About Christmas is the newest release in Melinda Kinsman’s series. Odd Sock is one of Billy’s cuddly toys who lives on the top of his wardrobe. Thus, they are called the Top of the Wardrobe Gang. Odd joins Billy as he writes a letter to Santa even though Billy tells Odd that Santa doesn’t leave gifts for cuddly toys.

Then Odd sets out to learn all about Christmas traditions, the origin of Santa Claus and various crafts she can create while waiting for Santa’s arrival. Even though Billy told her she probably wouldn’t get a gift from Santa, she still hoped for a gift. Like all kids enjoying the winter season, Odd learns how to make snow angels and loves hot chocolate. Best of all, Odd learns, in addition to the Christian beliefs, that Christmas means caring for others which is much more important than receiving gifts. The series is written from Odd’s point of view and has a childlike tone to which children will relate. And Odd’s relaxed and fun conversational style sounds a lot like children talking.

The age range for this book is set for children from 5 to 8 years old. The illustrations are cute and fit the story. But the page borders are a pleasant surprise that add a completed and professional look that was unexpected. Children will not only love Odd, they will enjoy learning the Christmas story, and creating the crafts included at the end of the book.


Clarence Monster's Monster Christmas StoryClarence Monster’s Monster Christmas Story
by John E. Dorey
Published 11/20/15
Pages 34

What the readers say:
Another cute little book about a sweet little monster! My kids really liked this book. My oldest remembered this nice little monster from another book and was very happy to see him again. My youngest had such fun finding a train on many of the pages! I always give a 5 star rating when the first words out of my kids mouth once we’ve finished reading is, “Read it again!” and that’s exactly what they said about this book.” ~~Leigh2008, an Amazon reviewer


Little Blue Digger and the Christmas TreeLittle Blue Digger and the Christmas Tree
by Harriet Tuppen
Published 11/14/15
Pages 32

What the readers say:
I panic when my brother asked me to take good care of my nephew because he needs to go to work for an emergency task. I really don’t know what to do, as soon as I saw this book I immediately purchased it. It was a surprise that my nephew really love this book while reading it to him, he keeps on smiling and pointing out the pictures on my phone. This book has saved me!” ~~Walter, an Amazon reviewer


Tomfoolery and the 13 Yule Lads of IcelandTom Foolery and the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland
by Wendy Nystrom
Published 7/14/13
Pages 78

My Review:
Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland (James and Syvok) by Wendy Nystrom is the 3rd book in the James and Syvok Adventure seriesis inspired by Icelandic folklore where the lads bring gifts and mischief to children the 13 nights before Christmas. Once James and his magical friend Syvok meet the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland, the lads decide to spend the night at James’ house each night after delivering the gifts. How will James prevent his parents from finding out that he has these noisy house guests clanging pots, slamming doors and generally creating a huge ruckus? As I read this book, it was more fun than the 10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed crossed with the excitement of The Night Before Christmas.

This delightful book is for young children, but I found myself laughing out loud at some of the antics of the 13 Yule lads.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”


I hope you’ll pick up copies of these fun and creative  to start new traditions with your children. Please don’t throw out the classics, but add some new books to the mix for a few laugh out loud surprises.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, I hope they are filled with love and cheer.  And may health and happiness be with you through out the New Year.

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