Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures by Teddy O’Malley

Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures

I’d downloaded Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures by Teddy O’Malley when it was on a free Kindle promo day and planned to read it this summer after finishing a few projects of my own. But when our author support group was told that Ms. O’Malley was recently involved in a serious car crash we all decided to promote her books while she cannot. This is the first in a series of book reviews that will focus on Ms. O’Malley’s books. Get well soon, Teddy! We miss you and are sending positive vibes and prayers your way.

Destiny and Faith Summer Adventures

Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures was quite fun to read. Ms. O’Malley’s characters are as real as children can be. She incorporated true children’s curiosity through the twins, Destiny and Faith, the need for friendship by adding a new kid on the block, Dustin who happens to be deaf, and a pair of snobbish girls, Jourdana and Jourdonna, as the antagonists.

Summer has begun and Destiny and Faith want to find a job, even though they are only eight years old. They attempt to clean a filthy attic, but are overcome with the spiders and spider webs. They go ghost hunting only to be scared away by the ghost, and they build a lemon stand even though they don’t have any lemons. But they finally get their job teaching another set of twins, Hope and Grace how to speak in American Sign Language so that they can be friends with Dustin, as well.

I loved this early reader chapter book. It teaches friendship, dealing with people who aren’t nice, and emphasizes tolerance of others and the need to include people who are different in one’s circle of friends. In addition to Dustin being deaf, Destiny and Faith are bi-racial. The author describes what they look like to introduce the topic. Her description of Destiny and Faith and their mom and dad is low-key and projects acceptance without being preachy. Visit her blog to learn about the real life, Hope, who is the inspiration for the bi-racial characters.

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