Airgrub’s Exciting New Travel Convenience

Airgrub’s Exciting New Travel Convenience


Airgrub Blog Clip Art_Page_1Not wild about food served on airplanes? Well let me tell you about Airgrub’s exciting new travel convenience. Yes, you did hear me say travel and convenience in the same sentence! Let me tell you what I learned.

Travelers enter their flight information into Airgrub’s App and order food from the respective airport’s participating restaurants for delivery right to the traveler’s arrival gate. It’s easy to see how that could benefit a passenger who has a tight connection.

Airgrub Blog Clip Art_Page_2Using the App seems simple enough. The traveler sets up a profile, enters his or her flight information and food choice from one of the airports’ participating restaurants. Payment is handled through the App, alleviating the need to pay upon delivery. According to the company’s FAQ sheet, there’s no additional charge for the food delivery. Avoiding lines and heading straight to my next gate sounds like an innovative idea to me! I suppose the delivery person might need to check ID to ensure that some other hungry passenger doesn’t claim the food. It might be as simple as comparing the traveler’s name to the name on the order.

 I think Airgrub’s plan will work well at airports that are primarily connecting airports, versus origin and destination airports, where passengers are either boarding a plane or arriving at their final stop. I’ll have to wait to try it out because Airgrub is currently serving just three airports, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).


If Airgrub were flying into Las Vegas, I’d say they came up with cherries with this idea. Bad pun intended. All jokes aside, if you have used Airgrub’s App, I’d love to hear about your experience. First, was your flight on time? And, second, was your order delivered accurately, timely and at the appropriate temperature?


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