A Blue Moon by Vanessa Ryan

A Blue Moon by Vanessa Ryan

A friend recommended that I buy this book, and I’m glad I did. It was a pleasure to read and I’m pleased to complete a book review for it. A Blue Moon, by Vanessa Ryan, is a fun read, lightly poking fun at all of the “paranormal” books on the market.

A Blue Moon by Vanessa A Ryan

The heroine, Lorrie, tells the story in first person. Lorrie is substitute teaching while trying to land a break into the art world. On an impulse, she visits a fortune teller who gives her a pendant that is supposed to bring her good luck. This good luck is supposed to begin when Lorrie wears the pendant the next night, which is a “blue moon,” or the second full moon of the month.

Lorrie’s new pendant has a will of its own though, and doesn’t play nicely around others. Lorrie soon discovers that whatever she wishes for will come true while she is wearing the pendant. But one should be careful of what they wish for, as the saying goes.

This book has hilarious mishaps, sometimes even deadly mishaps, leaving Lorrie on the run and looking for a way to get rid of the pendant. I’d recommend reading it for the fun prose and laugh out loud moments it brings.

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