New Yesterdays by Jim Wright

New Yesterdays by Jim Wright

I would classify New Yesterdays by Jim Wright as a YA alternate history time travel adventure. That’s a lot, but it fits. The main character, Jim, finds a time travel portal while exploring a creepy abandoned house. He’s transported from the 1960’s to the 1800’s.

New Yesterdays

As he talks with the indigenous Indians, the portal closes and Jim is trapped. Jim makes friends with Dustu, an Indian boy his age. When they aren’t handling chores they explore the lands. Jim finds a few landmarks that are familiar, but nearly everything is different.

As their friendship grows, Jim grows troubled knowing that the Indians will be forced from their lands in a few short years. He struggles with his fear for his new friends and the implications of warning the Indians and how that will change history. Will he even exist if he tells the Indians of white man’s plans?

I loved New Yesterdays! It is fun for boys and girls that love time travel and history. Pick up a copy; you’ll be glad you did.

Acknowledgement of our PC era – If one were to really time travel, the Native Americans were called “Indians” at that time. I used “Indians” in my review to imitate the author’s use, and the language of the era.

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