Vengeance Wears Black by Seumas Gallacher

 Vengeance Wears Black

Vengeance Wears Black

Vengeance Wears Black by Seumas Gallacher is an action thriller and is the second book in Mr. Gallacher’s Jack Calder series. I read it out of order, but was able to follow the storyline, as enough of the back story was included to allow continuity without bogging down the current book.

I can assure you that Vengeance Wears Black will appeal to most men and to women who enjoy action/thriller books similar to the Bourne series, or to David Baldacci’s King and Maxwell series.

One of the things I liked most about this book that Mr. Gallacher placed a new spin on spy novels. What happens to black ops spies and military personnel when they retire?  How does one assimilate into bland everyday suburbia? And what happens if one continues to execute black ops missions as an extension to police operations? Then one wonders if this could happen in real life. And that’s when I knew that this author has a hit waiting to be discovered.

I loved the action and dialog in this book so much that I bought the first book in the series, as well. I’m looking forward to reading The Violin Man’s Legacy this summer. I’m sure I’ll buy and enjoy book number three, Savage Payback, even though the name makes me wince from the suggested violence. I recommend Vengeance Wears Black for adults only due to the violence and sex scenes. I didn’t find either to be so explicit that they became offensive. I just wouldn’t permit children to read the books.

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