Bullying Versus Hazing

Bullying Versus Hazing

Friday, Dante  Martin, a former band member at Florida A & M was found guilty of manslaughter for organizing the incident that led to fellow band member Robert Champion’s death. As Champion tried to make his way from the front of the bus to the back, he was beaten by other band members. The “tradition” was called “Crossing Bus C” and had been years in existence.

As I read about Martin’s trial this morning, I pondered the differences in bullying versus hazing. My initial thought was that it was the same thing, but there are some differences. I discovered several excellent posts that noted the primary difference is that hazing is a means to prove one’s worth to others. It is about belonging to a group. Bullying is exclusionary and meant to isolate the targets.

Either way, parents need to try to teach their children right from wrong. Bullying is wrong. Hazing is wrong. I’ve included links to other articles that I found while thinking about the tragic end of Mr. Champion’s life.

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Robert Champion’s family has started an organization to help stamp out hazing through education.

Finally, humanity starts with one idea. Treat one another with respect, which is what Robert Champion craved when he “Crossed Bus C.” Teaching our future generations that hazing is not how one earns respect is paramount and equal in importance to teaching them that bullying is unacceptable.

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