Cornered Coyote by Dianne Harman

Cornered Coyote

Cornered Coyote by Dianne Harman is the third book in her Blue Coyote Series. The series is categorized as contemporary fiction and cozy mysteries. I read the first two books and looked forward to reading this book, as well, and  I’m glad it finally made it to the top of my to be read list!

Cornered Coyote by Dianne Harman

Cornered Coyote begins with the protagonist, Maria, being arrested for the murder of her husband, Jeffrey. Maria’s friend, Darya, provides a large sum of money to protect Maria while she is in jail and hires a private detective to attempt to prove Maria acted in self-defense. But, as the book moves to trial, testimony points to very strong motives indicating Maria may be guilty.

I’d recommend reading all three books in the series, in consecutive order, to get the most enjoyment from the series. If you’d like to know more about the books, please feel free to read my reviews for Blue Coyote Motel and Coyote in Provence.


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