Cursed Bloods by Shannon McRoberts

 Cursed Bloods

Cursed Bloods by Shannon McRoberts

Cursed Bloods by Shannon McRoberts continues where Versus of Athine: The Daughters of Ares Chronicles leaves off.   The readers learn how vampires increase their population with a deadly goal. And it’s your lucky day mythology/science fiction/paranormal/time travel fans. Cursed Bloods has it all and with a few twists in the chronicles as you knew them.

Ms. McRoberts brings back, Athine, from her Daughters of Ares Chronicles and adds new information about Athine’s mission to protect the N’Loren. Athine still rocks her strength and gets a wonderful surprise in this book. Speaking of Athine’s strength, I’ve always loved her as a role model. She’s been a fair leader and not afraid to stand up for her values and her beloved people.  Fortunately, that does not change in Cursed Bloods. I’d be completely disappointed if Athine were ever written in any other way.

Verses of Athine by Shannon McRoberts

We get to know Zarra and Miranda better, as well. They were first introduced toward the end of the Daughters of Ares Chronicles.  We learn whether Zarra is doomed to living the lonely life of a hunter sworn to eradicate the world of the cursed ones. And what will happen to Miranda when she falls for one of the cursed? Will Zarra kill him, too?

Cursed Bloods is for anyone who enjoys mythology, but I recommend it for adults due to some of its content. It is not explicit, it just isn’t for children.  Love it, Ms. McRoberts!  Cursed Bloods releases on November 15th, but you can learn what other early readers have said about the book at the book blast here.

Cursed Bloods 2

I received a PDF copy of Cursed Bloods in exchange for an honest review.

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