The Daughters of Ares Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy by Shannon McRoberts

I’d previously read Athine Versus: The Beginning and Athine Versus: The Blood Sisters, but I’d inadvertently skipped Athine Versus: The Narkurru. So when Ms. McRoberts placed her mythology books on sale as The Daughters of Ares Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy, I knew I had to read them all, this time in order. I still love Ms. McRoberts artistry with extending Olympic mythology beyond the stories we learned in school. She created worlds for the gods and goddesses to defend and to rule. But, even better, she has written the stories that explain why the gods and goddesses are loving, jealous, protective and vindictive all at once.

Verses of Athine by Shannon McRoberts

In book one, Athine Versus: The Beginning, an Oracle’s ancient prophecy foretold that Ares’ favorite daughter will break a spell then allowing Ares to rule Olympia. Athine and Harmonia, two of Ares warrior daughters are fated to players in this prophecy. Will they choose to use their powers to save Olympus, Ximira and Draosia? Will they use their powers for personal gain?

In book two, Athine Versus: The Narkurru, Athine must protect the worlds from the Narkurru who are allowed to breach the veil due to an ancient curse.

In book three, Athine Versus: The Blood Sisters, Athine must protect Olympus from Nikeda and Morain’a. Ms. McRoberts yet again, weaves a tale extending mythology into a whole new realm while adding a new spin to the origins of the vampire.

And in a surprise twist, verse four, Worlds Collide, a time warp occurs allowing Olympus to meet inhabitants of Atlantis. This verse sets the stage for book five, and I for one, cannot wait to read it, too.

I would recommend these books to anyone that loves fantasy, strategy, mythology and strong female warriors. I’d agree with the author’s statement that the age range should be 16+ years old, as the books depict the gods the way they were: both lusty and violent.

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