Destiny and Faith Go To Twincentric Academy by Teddy O’Malley

Destiny and Faith Go to Twincentric Academy

Destiny and Faith Go to Twincentric Academy by Teddy O’Malley is the first book in the Destiny and Faith series. The biracial twins are to start the second grade at a school designed for twins. They meet teachers and other students Destiny and Faith Go To Twincentric Academy!who are twins. During the year Destiny and Faith become friends with Hope and Grace, who are Japanese, and regularly argue with each other. When Grace suggests that the girls swap clothes and become each other’s twin, it starts a new trend at the school of twin and clothes swapping. Another set of twins Jourdonna and Jordana are the jealous girls in class and upset that Destiny and Faith are getting more attention.

Ms. O’Malley captures the school environment with a simple ease that lets the reader know she is still a kid at heart. I’d recommend this book for children for a number of reasons. They are fun to read and teach diversity and acceptance, and if one teaches these traits to children then perhaps the world will become a more peaceful place.

And I’d like to give a quick update on the author for those of you who read the first post for  Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures, which is the second book in the series. Ms. O’Malley has been released from the hospital after suffering severe injuries in a car crash. She is learning to eat with her opposite hand and using a walker to get around because of her foot and ankle injuries. The thing I like about Ms. O’Malley is that she is displaying a tremendous amount of class and inner strength as she recovers. She has a long road ahead of her, but she is already planning other children’s books that I’m sure will be as much of a delight as these.

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