Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor

Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor

Parents, you’ve got to pick up a copy of Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor by Elias Zapple. It will take you back in time when your imagination could transport you anywhere you wanted to go. Michel’s cousin, Romain, sticks his head through a garden fence and falls into a seemingly endless corridor of doors. When Michel follows, he finds a sarcastic Bassett Hound, Duke, who is searching for his missing brothers and planning an escape in between naps.  This book reminded me of a current Alice in Wonderland because the colorful characters and curious lands behind each door.

Together, Duke and Michel look for Romain and Duke’s brothers while they explore the curious lands. They find Nap Land, Candy Land and Skaters’ Paradise amongst others.  Each of these lands have been taken over by the horrible Master and his head henchman, Mr. Flagstad, who have drained the happiness from the people throughout the corridor. These lands need to be restored to their natural states and the people returned to their normally fun lives.  This burden is thrust on Duke and Michel adding unwanted danger to their search.

Duke and Michel trade insults in exactly the way boys would, sarcasm and all.  This hilarious pre-teen kids book is definitely for boys, but I think it would appeal to girls who aren’t girly girls, as well.

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