Exploring Seattle – Part 6

Exploring Seattle – Part 6

Friday, March 1, 2002

At breakfast, we met a wonderful couple in their 60’s, who had been married 44 years. They were still obviously in love, with the sparkle in their eyes when they talked to each other. They had been skiing for the first time the day before. Very adventurous! It was so encouraging to see that one can keep the flame alive after all those years. They smoked Terry and me in the longevity of their marriage, and we are proud of what we have accomplished (August will be 20 happy years).

We drove to Snoqualmie Falls. It is a waterfall that is Y shaped and very beautiful. The problem is that they built a power plant at the top, which completely mars the beauty.

Exploring Seattle - Part 6

We headed back to Seattle with just enough time to visit Cosmopolitan Motors. Terry wanted to see the two Delahayes and the Bugatti. The Bugatti turned out to be an excellent metal reproduction from Brazil (not Italy). Personally, I liked the miniature cars, and love a curvy Delahaye, but Terry is the real car buff.


Chuck met us for dinner, which was nice. We actually got to see him a little while when it wasn’t quite so crazy with having so many guests to entertain. We knew that we wouldn’t get to spend much time with Chuck on this trip, but we wouldn’t have missed seeing him get his first ship for anything.

We were lucky because most of the days we had clear blue skies on this trip. We had a little rain, but not much.

 Saturday, March 2, 2002

We were up at 4:00 a.m. to get ready for our flights, which were uneventful. I noticed that on every leg of the flight the captains announced that they were glad that the passengers were flying, and thanked us for our patronage.   When we left Seattle, we saw Mt. Saint Helens from the air. The rim of the cavern, where the top of the volcano blew off, was visible even though it was covered by snow. It was pretty from that angle, and I wished that we had been able to take a picture of it. However, we could not get to our camera bag quick enough.

We changed planes in L.A., and had a three-hour lay over. We walked around the airport for a while to kill time. We found the arch that has the restaurant inside of it and took a picture of it. We have changed planes three times in L.A. now, and still have only seen the airport. We are going to have to take my uncle up on his offer to come visit him some time.

15B LAX Restaurant Building Looks Like a Spider

As always, even though we enjoy traveling immensely, we are glad to be home.

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