National Take a Hike Day

 National Take A Hike Day

November 17, 2014 is National Take a Hike Day. As much as I might want to say this as a practical joke, I’d much prefer taking a real hike with backpacks and muddy hiking boots. But, alas, my bills I must pay, therefore, I cannot take a hike today. Instead, I’ll have to imagine I’m savoring a picnic lunch by a waterfall, listening to the crashing water, and reveling in the still of the woods. Oh so rejuvenating. Darn, I need to get back to work.

When we hike, my husband and I love hiking to waterfalls the most. In honor of National Take a Hike Day, I’ve compiled a collection of pictures from many of our hiking adventures, not just waterfalls, for your enjoyment. And just past the pictures I’ve included a poem I wrote a couple of years ago when I needed to get away from the concrete jungle, and get centered in nature.  I hope you enjoy it.

Silver Falls, Oregon
McWay Falls, Big Sur
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


Cascade Mountains, Washington
Hagoromo Falls, Tennenkyo, Japan
Wailua Falls, Road to Hana, Maui


PJ after hiking three strenuous trails in Yellowstone in one day

Nature’s Water Fountain

PJ LaRue, ©July 2011

Laced my hiking boots tightly,
Filled my backpack none too lightly,

Sunscreen, trail map and bug spray,
A flashlight to show the way.

A camera, water and some food;
A hike will lighten up my mood.

Matches, compass, army knife;
Oh, my, don’t forget the wife!

Up, down and around the hill;
A bear picture if he’ll stand still.

Chipmunks, deer, stones and sticks;
I hope I don’t get any ticks!

Why go hiking at all you say?
Come with me, I’ll lead the way.

Hear the sound in the distance
Of water falling with no resistance.

Ever closer to it we do come;
The cold stream makes our feet numb.

The water sounds build to a roar;
Around the bend, we’ll see it pour!

Breathe deeply in the crisp, clean air;
Lush greenery is everywhere.

Let’s sit down and rest a while,
No one’s around for at least a mile.

Aren’t you glad you climbed the mountain,
To see nature’s amazing water fountain?

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