New Kitty Hissy Fits

New Kitty Hissy Fits

In the far corner, we have the light weight fur ball, Shelby LaRue. Shelby weighs in at about 8 pounds and wears a medium length calico fur. Her darkened nose was permanently inked in the shape of a diamond at birth, not scarred in her last bout as rumors from her opponent’s camp infer.

In the near corner, we have the feather weight kitty, Riley LaRue, weighing in at 5 pounds, nearly half her opponent’s size. Riley sports a shorter fur collage of tabby stripes and Siamese points. Her aquamarine eyes watch Shelby,  missing not a single detail. Her tall, sleek legs give her the longer reach of the two boxing kittens.

Shelby strikes the first glancing blow, when she saunters to Riley’s food bowl and scarfs the feather weight’s much-needed nourishment. The calico’s long-term plan may be to permanently outweigh the lightweight. Riley, however, sniffs at the kittenish move, knowing that Terry and PJ will see that her bowl is refilled.

Cats Fighting_edited-1

Riley patiently awaits her moment, eyes nearly closed and a slight Cheshire cat smile on her lips. She’s in control, but the calico doesn’t know it yet. It’s been a trying week, but her opponent is weakening. The constant barrage of hisses and growls is tiring Shelby, much like a brawling boxer wears out from the fast pace.

Riley feints left and heads toward her favorite spot near the TV. She peers over the edge of the stand, a furry gargoyle waiting to be petted by her new owners.

Shelby assumes a peek-a-boo position under the comforter where she can watch her opponent. Sensing that she needs to make another move, Shelby streaks over to the cubby hole cabinet in the headboard by PJ. But, Riley doesn’t fall for that ploy and moves into a higher position on the headboard close to Terry.

New Kitty Hissy Fits

From her higher vantage point, Riley curls back her lips baring her razor sharp teeth and hisses loudly. Shelby, taken aback by Riley’s sudden aggression after a week of complacency, heads back under the comforter.

Riley, sensing her win, parades around the bedroom with her tail raised in the victory and heads over to Shelby’s food bowl to enjoy the spoils of war. The tiny feline wins the LaRue championship belt this time around.

Cats fighting picture courtesy of Microsoft clip art.

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