Odd Sock Learns About Christmas

Odd Sock Learns About Christmas

Odd Sock Learns About Christmas

Odd Sock Learns About Christmas is the newest release in Melinda Kinsman‘s series. Odd Sock is one of Billy’s cuddly toys who lives on the top of his wardrobe. Thus, they are  called the Top of the Wardrobe  Gang. Odd joins  Billy  as he writes a letter to Santa even though Billy tells Odd that Santa doesn’t leave gifts for cuddly toys.

Then Odd sets out to learn all about Christmas traditions, the origin of Santa Claus and various crafts she can create while waiting for Santa’s arrival. Even though Billy told her she probably wouldn’t get a gift from Santa, she still hoped for a gift. Like all kids enjoying the winter season, Odd learns how to make snow angels, loves hot chocolate.  Best of all, Odd learns, in addition to the Christian beliefs, that Christmas means caring for others which is much more important than receiving gifts. The series is written from Odd’s point of view and has a childlike tone to which children will relate. And Odd’s relaxed and fun conversational style sounds a lot like children talking.

The age range for this book is set for children from 5 to 8 years old. The illustrations are cute and fit the story. But the page borders are a pleasant surprise that add a completed and professional look that was unexpected. Children will not only love Odd, they will enjoy learning the Christmas story, and creating the crafts included at the end of the book.

 I received a PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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