Paper Bones by Sherry Rentschler

Paper Bones

Paper Bones by Sherry Rentschler is proof that poetry is not a dead language or bygone art form.

Paper Bones

As I read her book, I felt emotions slice through my soul. She moves lyrically from hate and indifference to love, and then from despair to hope. While this book has reflections on domestic violence, it also covers love, the loss of a close friend and so much more. It’s a dance of words and emotions choreographed from a lifetime of experiences. The poetry also shows that abuse is not just for the lower class or the uneducated. She proves to be well spoken and well read, but her meaning is still understood if one isn’t as well educated. You won’t miss her point when she draws her pen across the pages.

Two of my favorite poems were “Call 1-888-784-2433” and “Peanut Butter and Blood Sandwiches.” They appealed to me for personal reasons I cannot disclose without revealing her punch lines at the ends of the poems. But my absolute favorite was “Repechage!” and alongside that, I adored “Love’s Last Stand.” They sever the haze of abuse and leave one knowing that hope is stronger than hurt, bruises fade and given the right circumstances love will prevail.

Ms. Rentschler’s book received an honorable mention as finalist in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards. Ms. Rentschler’s book is a finalist in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards. If I were on the panel, I would have voted for this book to win hands down!

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