Child Online Privacy Protection Act

Child Online Privacy Protection Act

If you have been following this blog, you may have read that under the Child Online Privacy Protection Act websites cannot collect information on children under 13 without obtaining parental consent. As I am working with my web developer to create my new website for The Mystic Princesses, I have come up with the following letter that will be incorporated into the site once it goes live. The letter emphasizes that I want the parent to subscribe, rather than the child to avoid the protections required for children. However, it has not been vetted by an attorney, so if you choose to use the letter, it is at your own risk.

 Sample COPPA Letter

Dear Subscriber,

You have received this email to confirm that you do wish to subscribe to Under the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), websites collecting information for children under the age of 13 must comply with certain requirements. While the website is targeted to children under 13, its operator, PJ LaRue, Inc. does not want to collect, or be responsible for, your children’s personal information.

If the email address originally entered actually belongs to a child under 18, please do not click the confirmation link. You may subscribe for your child by going to and entering your own email address and then completing the subscription confirmation.


If you click the following link, you are confirming subscription to this website. In doing so, you certify that:

-You are 18 years or older, and

-This email address belongs to you.


The website connects to the following Facebook page and Twitter page. You consent to following these applications, as well:




If you cannot answer yes to all content above this will result in the email address not being subscribed. However, you will need to provide the appropriate Facebook Name _____________ and Twitter Handle_______________ in order for PJ LaRue, Inc. to block their connection on Facebook and/or Twitter.

PJLaRue, Inc. and will not knowingly sell or provide your email address to any other entity. Your email address will be used solely to send newsletters or to notify you that new coloring pages, Mystic Princess trivia or puzzles have been added to the website.

PJ LaRue may be contacted at if you have any questions.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link that will be included in all newsletters. You may also visit to unsubscribe.

Thank you,

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