Switch! by Karen Prince


Switch! by Karen Prince is an African safari adventure story that you simply have to read!

Switch by Karen Prince

Ethan and his cousin, Joe, embark on an African safari with Jimoh, their fifteen year old guide. At the same time, a witch named Gogo Maya summons her powers to switch places with another object or person. She switches with Joe.

When Ethan performs CPR on Gogo Maya her powers are transferred to him. These powers include being able to converse with her significant other, who happens to be a leopard named Salih. The sly leopard leads Ethan on the hunt for Joe. Meanwhile, Joe is fighting for his freedom throughout the story. He is captured and tortured by a hyena girl and later forced into slavery by the Almohad. A cast including humans, witches, impish creatures called Tokoloshe, magical crocodiles and shape shifting hyenas, just to name a few keep the reader guessing what mishap will happen next during the hunt for

Kids that love to read will truly enjoy this book, whether they are boys or girls.  The scrapes that Ethan and Joe encounter will help even reluctant readers to get into the story. This is a fun read for adults, as well.

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