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Eleven September

In remembrance of those who perished on Eleven September, the fire fighters’ and police officers’ valiant efforts to save people and our military for defending our freedom!


Eleven September

Eleven September
By P. J. LaRue

Eleven September, Two Thousand One,
The day that terrorists thought they had won.

Our heroes died, but memories we retain.
And the war rages on for freedom to remain.

The World Trade Center Towers fell, one by one,
And the Pentagon burned in the morning sun.

Remember the people of Flight 93.
Forever in our hearts, they will be.

Our airplanes were like missiles in the sky,
But on our freedom, hope continues to lie.

The hatred of those few may deceive,
But that most are good, we must believe.

Yellowstone Vacation – Part 5

Yellowstone Vacation – Part 5

Friday, September 14, 2001

 When we woke up, we called the United flight information number, and were informed that the flight was cancelled. This did not break our hearts considering that we weren’t sure that the security threats were under control yet.

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Yellowstone Vacation – Part 4

Yellowstone Vacation – Part 4

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Wednesday morning, we woke up and Terry’s right eye was swollen shut, and his left eye was about halfway shut. We went to the emergency walk in clinic where they cleaned out his eyes. They also gave us a prescription for antibiotic eye drops and a cream to help with the swelling.

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Yellowstone Vacation – Part 3

Yellowstone Vacation – Part 3

Monday, September 10, 2001

Terry and I saw the elk again this morning. He had a stick with some streamers stuck in his antlers. Later that morning, we saw the rangers tranquilize him so that the stick could be removed. On a side note, The buck had a very shrill mating call. It was higher pitched than either of us would have anticipated.

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Yellowstone Vacation – Part 2

Yellowstone Vacation – Part 2

Sunday, September 9, 2001 

We hiked all of the trails in the Canyon area today. There were three hikes that were rated very difficult. The Park puts out trail guides that indicate that these trails are considered strenuous, and should not be attempted by anyone having heart problems or breathing difficulties. Fortunately, they did not indicate that Florida Flatlander / couch potatoes should not try to do all three in one day. Even if they had, we would probably have hiked them anyway.

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