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ACX Audiobooks – A “New” Frontier – Part 2

ACX Audiobooks

Payment methods, distribution rights, the bounty program  and narrator auditions were discussed in my first blog post about converting After “I Do!” A Marriage Map to an audio book. This post explains the marketing decisions, cover art, the final editing process and the finished product.

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ACX Audiobooks – A “New” Frontier?- Part 1

ACX Audiobooks – A “New” Frontier?

I recently embarked on a new adventure to convert my book After I Do!” A Marriage Map into an audiobook. I found two primary audiobook distributors. Each has pros and cons. The first is ACX Audiobooks, a division of Amazon. ACX makes the conversion process easy by providing an audition process for narrators to read excerpts of the author’s books. The author can select the type of “voice” for the narrator to use.  ACX calls them producers, and that is a better description for the most experienced readers who understand that tone, inflection and accenting the right words can create a better experience for the listener. The downside can be the royalty fees and restrictive distribution addressed later in this post.

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