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Jameis Winston: A Bad Role Model

Jameis Winston: A Bad Role Model

Note: This post was edited 10/27/14 to add Winston’s suspension from the FSU baseball team due to the crab leg theft. And to remove the statement that anyone not a star would be in jail now. Without enough evidence to charge Winston with rape, most certainly, the other criminal mischief that he’s been involved with would not send him or any other person to jail. However, I am certain that the criminal mischief with which he’s been involved would have caused him to be removed from UCF sports as outlined below. 

Note: Edited again 11/9/14 to comment on the FSU code of conduct hearing.

Jameis Winston’s actions  have garnered him attention that will have a lasting impact on the future of our youth.  He has single-handedly taught our youth that they can partake in criminal activities, but be above the law if they are talented enough to lead a team to a national championship, or maybe two. Constant denial of Winston’s criminal actions allows him to continue to set a horrible example for our youth. Let’s talk about his “record” that isn’t a record because he hasn’t been charged. To be clear, the police reports indicate that there is not enough evidence to charge him with rape.

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