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The Battle for Princess Madeline by Kirstin Pulioff

The Battle for Princess Madeline

I read a review by Mrs. D. of the fairy tale The Escape of Princess Madeline by Kirstin Pulioff. The review did its job and made me want to read the book and its newly released sequel, The Battle for Princess Madeline. So when vacation time came, I charged my Kindle and loaded it with books on my to be read list. After settling in for the 6 hour flight and I passed the time reading these wonderful fairytales.

Princess Madeline owned Daniel’s heart from the day he was knighted when she whispered “My Knight,” in his ear. He earned her heart when he tracked her down and found her after she ran away from home. He didn’t give up, although others said she’d died. As their marriage approached, the idyllic days were interrupted by Prince Paulsen’s challenge for her hand.

Prince Paulsen surrounded the castle with his men and hired henchmen. Then he demanded  a fight to death with Daniel, with Princess Madeline being the prize. With her fate hanging in the balance, Princess Madeline is frustrated because no one will listen to her thoughts regarding the battle strategy. So she takes matters into her own hands, enlists assistance from her best friend, Sophia, and visiting wizards. Princess Madeline’s plan could cause her to get kidnapped again, when she puts herself in danger’s way to save her beloved Kingdom of Soron and her true love, Knight Daniel.

Once again, Ms. Pulioff creates a fun fairy tale. It may be about a princess and her knight, but it includes battles, dragons and wizards. I’d recommend this book for both boys and girls.

Originally posted June 17, 2013 on www.WordsWithWomen.weebly.com