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Eleven September

In remembrance of those who perished on Eleven September, the fire fighters’ and police officers’ valiant efforts to save people and our military for defending our freedom!


Eleven September

Eleven September
By P. J. LaRue

Eleven September, Two Thousand One,
The day that terrorists thought they had won.

Our heroes died, but memories we retain.
And the war rages on for freedom to remain.

The World Trade Center Towers fell, one by one,
And the Pentagon burned in the morning sun.

Remember the people of Flight 93.
Forever in our hearts, they will be.

Our airplanes were like missiles in the sky,
But on our freedom, hope continues to lie.

The hatred of those few may deceive,
But that most are good, we must believe.

An Inverted Teal Ribbon

IMGSeptember is ovarian cancer awareness month. This poem was written in memory of my sweet mom, who passed away from this horrible disease.

An Inverted Teal Ribbon

by P. J. LaRue

She wore an inverted teal ribbon, like a teardrop on her cheek,
With unclear symptoms, a late diagnosis made her chances bleak.
Discovered in stage four, once the ovarian cancer had spread,
Her twenty percent survival rate filled her family with dread.

Bloating, gas and stomach ailments are the vague symptoms of which we speak,
She wore an inverted teal ribbon, like a teardrop on her cheek.
Today would have been her birthday, but there’s no surprise party planned,
This cancer is the fifth highest cause of women’s deaths, so let’s take a stand.

That September is ovarian cancer month, is known by few,
So wear your teal ribbons and organize a walk-a-thon or two.
She wore an inverted teal ribbon, like a teardrop on her cheek.
Her defiantly bared head was her statement of strength, ever so chic.

Annual ultrasounds provide hope for detection at an early stage,
But it’s vital that donations continue, in order to win the war we wage.
A cure will be found, but until then, faith please give us the peace we seek.
She’ll wear an inverted teal ribbon, but no teardrops will fall on her cheek.

An Inverted Teal Ribbon


Copyright  © PJ LaRue, Inc. 2012

A Pale Blue Ribbon

Did you know that September is prostate cancer awareness month?


A Pale Blue Ribbon


He wore a pale blue ribbon on his lapel, but no one knew why.
“He looks like he’s sleeping,” they say, while in his coffin he does lie.
His teammates toasted the tough linebacker by raising their glasses,
And talked about the time he intercepted those slant screen passes.

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