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Exploring Seattle – Part 5

Exploring Seattle – Part 5

Thursday, February 28, 2002

We drove to Leavenworth, WA today. We went through a ski resort area called Stevens Pass. I saw my first trees that still had snow on the limbs. It was very beautiful. The temperature gauge got down to 24 degrees. Terry got to drive on snowy/icy roads for the first time. He had to put the Explorer into the 4-wheel drive mode for a while.

We saw a local that had run into the snow bank and had broken down. We stopped to see if he needed any help because there wasn’t much traffic out there. The man said that he had called for help already, but that it would take two hours for the help to arrive. The steering in his pickup truck was damaged from the collision.

Exploring Seattle - Part 5

We stayed at the Leavenworth Village Inn. Our room was incredible. It was called the luxury suite, but we got it for off-season rates at half price.   Timing is everything. One first enters a large living room/dining room combination. There was a table with four chairs and a small kitchenette area. The living room area had a couch, a gas fireplace, and a couple of chairs. The bedroom had an over-sized Jacuzzi tub and a king size poster bed. The bed was so tall it came up to Terry’s hips.


After lunch we went to drive snowmobiles. The company provided everything that we needed from head to toe. We had helmets, snow suits, gloves and snow boots.   That was the most enjoyable afternoon. We didn’t go all that fast, 35 mph was probably the maximum speed, but it was fun. It was both of our first time to be on snowmobiles. The ride was very bumpy. After a while I learned to drive on the side of the bank to reduce the bumps some. We both had a blast. When we stopped for a picture break, I made my first snow angel.


They took us to the top of the Cascade Mountain range so that we could look at the mountains. The views were spectacular. I don’t think we will ever get tired of seeing mountains.

5P Cascades Mountains 2

One of the other riders tipped over with her little sister on the back. The little girl had fallen asleep, and awoke in the snow after they tipped over. Once we were sure that both of them were okay, it was quite funny, because we couldn’t convince the little girl that she had been sleeping. But, both Terry and I had watched her with her head tipped all the way back as though she were looking at the sky for a long time.

Later on, we walked around down town in Leavenworth. This is a very small tourist attraction where the whole town is designed to look like a Bavarian village. It is a little gimmicky, but not so bad that is over bearing. There is a town square area that had a gazebo and a sledding area. We ate dinner at a place called Café Crista. I ordered sauerbraten and found that I do not like that. I ordered some Hungarian stew and found that it was very spicy, but I did like it. That is the thing with trying new food, sometimes you like it, and sometimes you don’t.


We took some Starbucks Carmel Apple Cider back to the room and drank it while we soaked in the Jacuzzi tub. Finally, I am warm again. We decided that we should have enough money to live like this all of the time, not just when we are on vacation.

To be continued…