Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’ve given Thanksgiving Thoughts a lot of thought lately. Not necessarily in an organized approach, so I’ll try and herd them together as I write this post.  They are not in any particular order, as these cats refused herding to that degree.

Turkey 1

First, I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, Terry. As some of you may know from my Blogging from the Heart post, he has an odd family of viruses that if left untreated, could lead to early onset dementia. I thankful that he is being treated and continues to be my loving partner and soul mate.


I’m thankful for my family. We have our ups and downs, like any family, but I love each and every one of them. I hope I’ve told them that enough. If not, here’s a big hug!

I’m thankful for my friends. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You keep me sane when I most need it.

I’m thankful that my family and friends have made it through the Great Recession and all still have homes and jobs. Really, that is a huge accomplishment. I’m proud of all of you.

Turkey Wine Fireplace

I’m thankful that I’m following my late-in-life dream of being a writer. It hasn’t been an easy road, but that’s okay. The challenges make the successes much sweeter. And I’m sure there will be some curves in the road ahead that may make me wonder why I’m doing this.  Along the way, I’ve learned a tremendous amount and I’m sure I’ll learn more.  I’ve met some of the nicest people online that I love, even though we haven’t met in person.

Following Dream Fall Colors

The writing success I have right now isn’t monetary, as this has been a very expensive venture. It is, however, a sense of accomplishment. I’ve published two books. I never dreamed I’d do that, but I have. And there are more to come. How cool is that? Even cooler is when I hear from a reader who loved one of my books. It makes my day every time.

I’m thankful for my day job. Without it, I wouldn’t have become a writer. It’s challenges expanded my mind and the way I think. And my friends and coworkers have been incredibly encouraging, even when I think about giving up. The constant support keeps me in the writing game. I appreciate their faith in me.

Friends talking

I’m thankful that it is never too late to develop and follow a dream.

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!

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