The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs. D.

 The Trees Have Hearts

Any adult or child who has felt the pain of leaving friends behind when moving will relate to The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs. D. The little girl moved from another country and doesn’t speak English. Her sadness lifted when she played in the garden and made friends with the trees and the Old Wind.
The Trees Have Hearts 
The little girl forms a friendship with three different trees, Sassy the pink magnolia tree, Chance the purple plum tree and Shadow the weeping cherry tree. The variety of trees in the story carries the same message of acceptance of differences in people. Spending time with nature soothed the lonely girl as she watched the blooms open and the fruit ripen. It also gave her time to learn her new language and begin to make other friends.
In addition to the primary message of accepting people, there was another message neatly slipped into the story. The trees taught the little girl to “bite, kick and scream if bad people tried to take her away.” This is a perfect way for the author to pass on safety tips in a non-threatening way to small children.
I’d recommend The Trees Have Hearts to anyone with children, whether they are planning a move, or not. Its message of love and friendship might help children befriend a new child in school or in their neighborhood. It might even teach adults a thing or two about new co-workers, as well!
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