What The Books You Read Say About You Guest Post

I’d like to welcome David Njoku from www.readfree.ly. David kindly offered to write a guest post. This post is targeted toward authors and has some quite interesting statistics.

What The Books You Read Say About You

David Njoku

Everyone is different.

Well, no actually; we’re all pretty much the same.  And I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing; I think it’s fascinating.

I run a site named www.readfree.ly.  We’re kinda like a dating service between authors and book lovers. Readers either visit our site or sign up with us, and whenever an author tells us about a new book, we let the readers that we think might like it know about it. It’s a simple idea, but it works very well, and I’m very proud of what we do.

However, in addition to working at www.readfree.ly, I also work as a computer programmer, specialising in analysing data. I see patterns in numbers, stories in spreadsheets.

Read Freely

And when I look at the data from www.readfree.ly I see that we’re not all different; we’re pretty much the same. We all move together, we all think with a single mind – a ‘crowdmind’. Three years ago, everyone wanted to read erotica  in the Fifty Shades of Grey mould; now paranormal shifter romance is the only thing anyone is interested in.

Here are some other things I’ve noticed: everyone knows that the cover of a book is important; well, it’s even more important than everyone thinks. A great book with a poor cover will sell fewer copies than a poor book with a great cover. In truth, even an average cover isn’t good enough; whenever there’s a book with a great cover featured on our site, it pretty much slurps up all of that day’s sales.

Erotica fans like the shortest books (stop sniggering at the back!); horror fans like the longest ones. Having said that, readers of mystery novels go through books the fastest.  They spend the most money on books each month – and they still download the most free books. Where they find the time for all that reading is, um, well, a mystery.

What Book Genre Do You ReadAs a lover of mystery novels myself, I find facts like that fascinating; it’s almost like reading your horoscope and finding  your personality in the bland generalities. I like thrillers too; does that make me similar to other thriller readers too?

We’ve published some of our research findings.  Check it out, and see what the type of books you read – or write – says about you.

And that’s what makes www.readfree.ly different – better – than other sites that serve you books.  We try to do more for readers, more for writers.

At the moment, we’re running a survey to find out The 50 Best Indie Books of 2015. It’s big, and it’s important.  I’d love it if you’d drop by and nominate your favourite book.  And, if you’re an author, please urge your fans to nominate you.

We want to hear everyone’s voice. Cos, as you know, everyone is different.

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