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Bio, About PJ

PJ is married, has one daughter and three cats. PJ wrote poetry in high school, but she discovered writing children’s books and short stories later in life. Her writing inspirations are hiking, photography and environmental consciousness, but she links these interests to much larger social issues. A person very close to PJ was molested as a child, making PJ passionate about providing child safety tips. And, PJ was bullied in the third grade by girls much larger than she, who demanded that PJ give them her lunch money. As a result, PJ is committed to spreading the word that bullying must be stopped. PJ is also interested in raising awareness about children in the foster system who need to find permanency and support through the of loving adoptive parents.

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How I Escaped the Domestic Violence Cycle

 How I Escaped the Domestic Violence Cycle

If you are reading this blog, it is likely that you know October is domestic violence month. And you probably know domestic violence normally begets domestic violence. But my story is different. With help, I was able to break the violent cycle.

While my father has been sober many years now, he is an alcoholic. He is a mean drunk who sometimes beat my mother. From a very young age, maybe around seven or eight, I understood that this was wrong. My mom confided to my older brother and me that she was considering leaving my dad. I encouraged her to do it. Is there anything right with this picture? No! No child should understand their mom would be better off without their dad at seven or eight years old.

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