Mystic Princesses

The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool

(Book 1 in The Mystic Princesses Adventures)

Mystic Princesses


When the Children of Ares nearly kidnap Princess Harmonie in New York her brother Eros moves her to Hawaii, where she meets her new protectors the Mystic Princesses. The princesses are the daughters of the elemental gods and goddesses who learn they have inherited elemental powers. They learn to use their skills while playing in Hawaii. Catie turns the princesses into birds, and they soar up into the clouds and creates rainbow water slides for them to glide down to the ocean after turning them back into girls. They learn these and other powers are to be used to protect Princess Harmonie from her siblings, the Children of Ares, who want to fight and cause wars.

Book Excerpt:

Catie wanted to try her new powers. “Let’s ride my rainbows!” she said. “The dolphins can bring the scuba gear and camera.” Then she scrunched her eyes shut and thought of a colorful rainbow crossing the ocean. And, suddenly, a pretty rainbow appeared.

Janna, the most daring princess, slid off her dolphin and into the water first. “How do we get to the top?” she asked.

“For that, I have to use both of my powers at once,” Catie said, as she thought harder. Right away, Janna turned into a blonde egret.

“Oh, her feathers match her hair!” cried Breanna. Squinting into the bright sunlight, she watched Janna fly to the top of the rainbow.

“Me next, me next!” squealed the other girls. One by one, they turned into birds, their feathers matching their hair. Coral became a black swan and Breanna turned into a red cardinal. Harmonie became a pure white dove and Catie turned into a raven.

“Let’s fly for a few minutes,” said Janna. “After that, we can slide down the rainbow.”

The girls soared through the skies. Soon Catie tired, so the girls became human again. They screamed as they tumbled toward the water, flapping their arms and legs like bird wings.

The book is available  in three formats:
Color illustrations $10.99
Black and white illustrations $6.99
ebook color illustrations $3.99

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Judge, Writers’ Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards:

“The boldly-colored illustrations nicely break up the text, making the story appealing for young/reluctant readers. The multi-ethnic cast of characters is appealing; the map of Hawaii is a nice touch.

Nice tension as Eros saves Harmonie.  That they’re children of Ares but fight his warlike tendencies is nicely unique, as are the princesses’ powers (it’s good that they don’t work perfectly right away).  Harmonie and her fellow princesses are nicely drawn and believable.  There are many lovely or clever touches: the description of the sky, stars, and sea on page 8; the bad Children using the Internet to find Harmonie through happy places; Clever Clam living the events he teaches.  The theme of love and peace versus war is a good one, as is the need to use one’s skills to help others while avoiding overconfidence….”

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The Mystic Princesses and the Magic Show

(Book 2 in The Mystic Princesses Adventures)

Mystic Princesses

The Mystic Princesses explore New Orleans, visit Jackson Square, discover begnets at Cafe Du Monde, and make masks at Mardi Gras World. Learn why Harmonie draws the Children of Ares’ tattoo on her mask. Learn self-defense with the Mystic Princesses as they practice tactics to help them fend off the Children of Ares. And find out why don’t they trust their new teacher, the Goddess Athena.

When an oil rig runs aground in the Gulf of Alaska spilling oil, just what can the girls do? They organize a magic show to raise funds, travel to Alaska where they rescue the oil-soaked birds, see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dance across the sky, igloos, polar bears and sled dogs! Finally, how will the Mystic Princesses find and rescue Eros when the Children of Ares capture him?

Book excerpt:

The next day, Athena said their lesson would be about self-defense in a crowd of humans. The girls had been instructed to avoid using their powers around humans as the girls might frighten humans with their magic. “Since you cannot use your powers when humans are near, the Children of Ares might take advantage of you. They already tried to grab Harmonie at the subway station in New York, so they could try to grab her near humans again.” The Mystic Princesses looked wide-eyed at each other. They didn’t know how to protect Harmonie without using their powers.

“Coral, what did you learn about safety from your last teacher?”

“She told us to be aware of our surroundings, practice our skills and tell our parents where we’re going,” Coral said.

“She also told us not to keep secrets that could cause people to be harmed.”

“I would add that you should change your routes from day to day when you walk to school or the mall,” Athena said. “If you do that, the Children of Ares will find it hard to predict where you’ll be at a certain time. And, remember, if someone approaches, it is better to get away before he or she gets close enough to grab you.”

“What should we do if someone tries to kidnap us?” Harmonie asked.

“The first thing is to remain calm,” Athena said. “Look carefully at your attacker so you can describe him or her to the police and your parents. Try to remember details such as clothing, hair color and what type of car that person was driving. And, if you can, get the car’s tag number.”

“There’s so much to remember,” Janna said.

“That’s why it’s important to stay calm. Now, I’ll teach you some ways to try to escape from someone if you are grabbed. A lot depends upon how you are being held. I’m going to bear-hug Harmonie from the back and show you how to break free.”

Athena lifted Harmonie off the ground and squeezed her tightly. “Bend your head forward and then backward, hard and fast, so you can head-butt me in the face. If your attacker lets you go, run quickly and shout loudly.”

Harmonie’s heart was pounding, because Athena was holding her so tightly. But she quickly snapped her head backward. If Athena hadn’t jerked her own head to the side, Harmonie would have hit her in the face.

“Very good!” Athena said. “Now, kick your feet up hard toward your rear end and try to hurt me. While you do that, shout ‘kidnapper’ as loud as you can, and poke the person in the eye, if you can.”

“That’s a lot to remember,” Coral said.

“True,” said Athena. “So it might help to remember SKARED, a word I made up which stands for


“I think you are right,” said Harmonie. “What shall we do now?”

“Let’s try again to turn me into an owl.”

This time, Catie was successful, but Athena flew directly at Harmonie!

The book is available  in three formats:
Color illustrations $10.99
Black and white illustrations $6.99
ebook color illustrations $3.99

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Judge, Writer’s Digest 24th Annual Self-Published Book Awards:
 “I liked how author P.J. La Rue features strong female characters in The Mystic Princesses. … I also liked the setting of New Orleans, and that the girls learn about Mardi Gras, New Orleans culture, history, and Cajun food. …I liked reading about the girls rescuing oil-soaked birds in Alaska and seeing igloos and polar bears. Overall, LaRue teaches good values to readers while giving them a sweet fantasy aimed at second or third graders who might enjoy imagining the protagonists’ special powers. …The illustrations are very bright and colorful. I liked the “About the Author” page at the end of the book.”
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Readers’ Favorite 5 Star ReviewReaders Choice 5star-flat-web sticker copy


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